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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Opportunities through the Arise platform are not employment. You are an Independent Contractor servicing under WCWFH, LLC.

Is this a legit opportunity?

We are aware of the many scams out there. WCWFH, LLC is partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions which is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. There are thousands of small businesses and their contractors who have enjoyed providing services to Arise for decades. 

We have been working from home and providing Independent contractor services to Arise since 2008.

What are the costs to get started?

In order to partner under our LLC and be given the opportunity to provide your services to clients, you must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business.

The following are the fee’s:

Arise Background Check ($9.99). If you have felonies or bank fraud charges then you may not be eligible to provide services. Do Not Apply

Certification Course for the client you choose starts at $4.99 up to $299. 

These fee’s are paid to Arise Virtual Solutions, not WCWFH, LLC.

Can I work from anywhere?

You must legally reside in the United States and must be 18 years or older. You can provide your services from anywhere that is open to new applications. If you move, you are able to bring your work with you! How many jobs can you say that about?

*Currently Arise is not accepting new applicants from the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin.

What type of services will I provide as an independent contractor?

There are several client programs you can choose to partner with. These are sales, customer service, technical support, email support and chat support clients.

By partnering with and working from home with WCWFH, LLC you will be able to choose the client you want to provide your services to and set your own schedule. No more traffic or long commutes!

How much money can I make?

Your compensation can be as little or as big as you make it. You choose the client that you want to service. Some choose their client for the compensation rate only. Some choose a client because they are open 24/7 and some choose a client that is super easy with less hourly pay. You set your own schedule and choose when and how much you work. Your paycheck is up to you!

We have team members making between $200–$1300+ bi-weekly! 

What fees will I have to pay?

WCWFH, LLC has a low flat service fee of $25 per invoice in addition to the fee Arise charges which is $19.75. WCWFH, LLC has to cover business costs including Partner fee’s, computers, bank fees, software costs, direct deposit fee’s and more. Our low, flat service fee allows us to provide you with support during your certification process and beyond. We want you to succeed!

Can I service more than one client ​at a time?

Yes, of course! As long as the class training times do not conflict. Keep in mind when servicing multiple clients, time management is key! You are required to maintain a Commitment adherence (CA) of 90% or above for each client program. 

Am I responsible for my own taxes?

You are an Authorized agent, Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or Freelancer and are responsible for your own taxes. WCWFH, LLC nor Arise take any taxes out on your behalf. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made $600 or more.

Furthermore you are not eligible to receive unemployment, overtime or benefits as Authorized agents, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Freelancers.

I would advise you to meet with a tax specialist to go over what you are able to write off and what deductions you can take as an independent contractor.

How long before I can start servicing and earning revenue?

The admissions process takes as little as 1 day. Once you complete the admissions process and join WCWFH, LLC you then choose a client certification course and pay fee. Realistically, it may be around 30 days before the class starts. Classes are typically around 5-30 days but some are self paced and can be completed in a matter of hours. Once certified you can start working immediately. Depending on how quickly you choose a class, it can take up to 2 months.

Because you are self employed, you are in control on when and how much you work. Choose a client that has a contract that meets your needs. If you need to provide your services only during the daytime or would like a client that is open 24/7, you can choose to do so.

Is training paid?

WCWFH, LLC does not pay for the time spent in a client certification course. We are the middleman between our partner’s clients and the Authorized agents, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Freelancers working from home. As an Authorized agent, Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or Freelancer, you are responsible for any certification needed that is required to educate yourself to properly provide your services to the client.

What are the technical requirements? 

Find out what you need to become a successful work from home agent. Click here.

Additional questions?

Please send us your questions, we are here to help! 

Click here.

Military Family Discounts

Follow these simple steps from Arise to receive your special incentive! 

In order to show our appreciation to military families, Arise is offering special incentives exclusively available to entrepreneurial-minded active military, military spouses, and veterans.

You’ve given so much of your life for our country, it’s time you get an opportunity of a lifetime. Upon completing the registration process, active military, military spouses, and veterans will receive 50% off the cost of your first client certification course (which can average between $50 and $200).

In order to be eligible for these great incentives, you must:

select Military in the “How did you hear about Arise?” question when creating your profile

send an email to:[email protected], after completing your profile, with proof that you are either active military, a military spouse or a veteran.

If you have any questions during this process, please send an email to:[email protected] and we will provide further assistance.

You’re only a few steps away from being your own boss and earning income from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is take a few minutes to fill out your profile and you are on your way! Remember to email [email protected] after completing your profile to receive your client certification course voucher.